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eSR is an online tool to help individuals complete a chapter 7 bankruptcy petition when they have decided to file bankruptcy without an attorney. Click here to learn more about this new online tool.


Before you file

Bankruptcy can have serious long-term consequences. A lawyer can explain to you what may happen as a result of filing for bankruptcy and what your options are. If you do file for bankruptcy, a lawyer can help protect you, your family, your home and your possessions.
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What is bankruptcy?
Where do I file?
What forms are required?
How do I file?
Risks of paying a non-attorney
Bankruptcy Timeline
Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Guidelines

Individual debtors (not business debtors) must complete a Credit Counseling course before filing for bankruptcy (more info)

Approved Credit Counseling Agencies

Bankruptcy Basics Videos
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After you file

What to look for once I've filed

Learn how to receive orders and court-generated notices electronically

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Individual debtors (not business debtors) must obtain a Financial Management certificate before a discharge can be granted (more info)

Approved financial management courses

Reaffirmation Hearing Information [English] [Spanish]

California State Bar Pamphlets

Hiring an Attorney
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Learning About Debt
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Problems With Your Attorney
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What to do if being sued by a creditor [English] [Spanish]

Answer instructions for self-represented (pro se) debtors


Survey regarding Self-Help Resources

Filing for bankruptcy without an attorney

Can you recommend an attorney?

Free or Low Cost Bankruptcy Help

Los Angeles Division
Riverside Division
Northern Division
Santa Ana Division
San Fernando Valley Division
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Coachella Valley Bankruptcy Clinic
Help Contact List (District Wide) [English] [Spanish]

Other Helpful Resources:

Public Counsel

Public Counsel - Useful Materials

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

Legal Aid Society of Orange County

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Bankruptcy Videos:

Overview of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Alternatives to Bankruptcy

How to Prepare a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition