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United States Bankruptcy Court
Central District of California
Edward R. Roybal Federal Building and Courthouse
255 E. Temple Street, Suite 1552 / Courtroom 1545
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Chapter 11 Case Status Report [MS Word Version]
Chapter 11 Case Status Report Redline [MS Word Version]
Order Setting Combined Hearing on Disclosure Statement & Ch 11 Plan [MS Word Version

  1. Lodge the proposed order after a status conference at which the Court establishes the relevant deadlines and hearing date.
  2. Do not make any changes to the text of the order. If the lodging party believes that any changes are essential then the proposed changes should be shown in "redlined" format and the Court will remove the redlining before issuing the order.

Sample Order re: Use of Cash Collateral

NOTE: The Chapter 11 Plan, Disclosure Statement, and Worksheet have all been superseded by the official forms available at these links: Chapter 11 Plan and Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement, also available on the court's main page under the Forms tab.

Chapter 13
Telephonic Instructions

Judge Bason's
Procedures for Telephonic Appearances

Permission to appear telephonically generally will not be given for the following matters: 


  1. Trials and evidentiary hearings (all counsel and all witnesses must appear in person);
  2. Initial Chapter 11 status conferences (debtor and debtor’s counsel must appear in person at the initial conference; other parties in interest may appear telephonically);
  3. Confirmation hearings (note: appearances generally are excused for Chapter 13 confirmation hearings that are uncontested or continued by consent, per Judge Bason’s posted procedures);
  4. Reaffirmation hearings (debtor must appear in person; other parties in interest may appear telephonically); 
  5. Chapter 9 or 12 matters; or
  6. Any matter designated by the court as requiring a personal appearance..

You may appear by telephone for ALL other matters, WITHOUT prior approval from the Court, unless the tentative ruling or an order of the court specifically requires appearances in person.  To appear by telephone, follow these procedures:

  1. Register with CourtCall (an independent conference call company, at 866-582-6878 or www.courtcall.com) in time to be included in the telephonic appearance calendar that it transmits to the court (generally it transmits the calendar the evening prior to the hearing).  In a true emergency, you may telephone chambers after this deadline to request that the court authorize CourtCall to add you to the list after the deadline.
  2. Mute your telephone to avoid interfering with other hearings in progress. 
  3. Noise, poor sound quality, or lack of standard telephone etiquette must be immediately corrected or it will result in terminating your privilege to appear by telephone, and possibly other sanctions or remedies such as being disconnected from the hearing – you are permitted to use mobile phones etc., but you do so at your own risk.  (Any fee that you paid to CourtCall for the appearance will not be refunded.)
  4. Identify yourself for the record every time you speak.
  5. Recording or retransmission is strictly prohibited and may result in sanctions. 

Effective 06/16/14

About the Judge



  • Johns Hopkins University, B.A. 1984
  • Boston University School of Law, J.D. Magna Cum Laude 1988; Law Review

Career Record:

  • 1988-89, Law Clerk, Chief Justice Paul J. Liacos, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
  • 1989-92, Associate, Palmer & Dodge; Edwards & Angell, Massachusetts
  • 1992-00, Private practice; Hovis, Smith, Stewart, Lipscomb & Cross etc., San Francisco, California
  • 2000-08, Law Clerk, Hon. Dennis Montali (U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California, and Bankruptcy Appellate Panel of the Ninth Circuit)
  • 2008-09, Special Counsel, Howard Rice Nemerovski Canady Falk & Rabkin, P.C., San Francisco, California
  • 2009-11, Special Counsel, Duane Morris, LLP, San Francisco and Los Angeles, California

Private Practice Specialization:

  • Commercial bankruptcy and insolvency practice, including a focus on secured creditor representation and substantial representation of trustees, receivers, debtors/borrowers, guarantors, unsecured creditors, prospective purchasers of assets out of bankruptcy, parties to executory contracts and unexpired leases, equity holders, and other parties in interest
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