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Revisions Effective Immediately LBR Appendix IV and Rights And Responsibilities Agreement

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The Court has approved revisions to chapter 13 fee guidelines that become effective immediately: LBR Appendix IV Guidelines for Allowance of Attorney’s Fees in Chapter 13 Cases; and LBR form F 3015-1.7.RARA Rights and Responsibilities Agreement Between Chapter 13 Debtors and Their Attorneys.

The maximum amount an attorney can charge under these guidelines, for cases involving a debtor engaged in a business, increased from $4,500 to $5,000 (excluding the petition fee and with a maximum amount of $4,000 to be paid prior to confirmation).

LBR Appendix IV and LBR form F 3015-1.7.RARA are available at no cost on the Court’s website, or for a fee, at the Intake sections at all divisions.


February 3, 2012
PN 12-003