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Revisions To Court Manual Effective January 2, 2014

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Public Notice
The Court’s Court Manual has been updated and the new revisions will become effective January 2, 2014, as follows:
Section 4 – Lodged Order Upload (LOU)
Revisions reflect changes to the lodging and service of orders, especially the elimination of the Notice of Entered Order and Service List requirement that becomes effective with revisions to the Local Bankruptcy Rules on January 2, 2014.

Appendix F – Serving Judge’s Copy of Document
Requirements for serving a Judge’s Copy were revised in: section 2.1(c) Documents to Request a Ruling without a Hearing; and section 2.2 (e) Lodged Order Upload or LOU Receipts.
The updated Court Manual is available on the Court's website at under the Rules & Procedures tab.  A red-line version will also be available online for your reference for the next 60 days. 
December 20, 2013