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Revisions to Chapter 13 Guidelines and Court Manual Effective March 4, 2014

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The Guidelines for Allowance of Attorneys’ Fees in Chapter 13 Cases (Guidelines) was revised and is now included in the Court Manual Section 2.  Revisions to the Guidelines and Court Manual become effective March 4, 2014.

The Guidelines govern the allowance of attorneys’ fees and costs in chapter 13 cases in the Central District of California.  The Guidelines were expanded to include a list of fees for additional services that do not require the filing of a detailed fee application.  Previously included as Appendix IV of the Local Bankruptcy Rules (LBRs), the Guidelines were removed from the LBRs.  

Court Manual, Appendix C was updated with information about accessing the United States Trustee’s local guidelines and forms.

The updated Court Manual and red-line version of revised Court Manual, Section 2 and Appendix C is available on the Court's website at under the Rules & Procedures tab.  

March 4, 2014