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Revised Local Bankruptcy Rules Forms Effective Immediately

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The Bankruptcy Judges for the Central District of California approved revised Local Bankruptcy Rules (LBRs) forms that become effective immediately, as listed below.

Form Number
Title of Revised LBR Forms
F 2090-1.2.APPLICATION Application of Non-Resident Attorney to Appear in a Specific Case [LBR 2090-1(b)]
F 3015-1.1.ADDENDUM Addendum to Chapter 13 Plan


LBR form F 2090-1.2.APPLICATION was modified to require the applicant to attach a copy of the receipt for payment of fees, as required under LBR 2090-1(b)(5), to the application.

LBR form F 3015-1.1.ADDENDUM was revised by striking paragraph (A)(7) of the form.

The revised Local Bankruptcy Rules forms are available on the Court’s web site under Forms/Rules/General Orders. These documents are also available in printed format, for a fee, at the Intake Section of each division.



April 30, 2010
PN 10-007