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Reassignment of Judge Peter H. Carroll's Bankruptcy Cases and Adversary Proceedings

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Judge Peter H. Carroll will be relocating to the Los Angeles Division. Effective August 13, 2010, all pending Riverside Division bankruptcy cases and related adversary proceedings assigned to Judge Peter H. Carroll will be reassigned as follows:

Cases and Related Adversary Proceedings
Reassigned To
Judge’s Initial
Courtroom Number
  • Chapter 7 cases ending in 0,1,and 2

Judge Meredith A. Jury
  • Chapter 7 cases ending in 3,4,and 5
  • Chapter 13 cases ending in 1,2,3,4,5,and 6

Judge Catherine E. Bauer
  • Chapter 7 cases ending in 6,7,8,and 9
  • Chapter 11 and 12 cases, except for those listed on Exhibit A (attached)
  • Chapter 13 cases ending in 7,8,9, and 0

Judge Deborah J. Saltzman



The initials following the bankruptcy case and/or adversary proceeding numbers of the reassigned bankruptcy cases and/or adversary proceedings shall be changed to those of the successor judge (“MJ” for Judge Meredith A. Jury, “CB” for Judge Catherine E. Bauer, and “DS” for Judge Deborah J. Saltzman).

The Riverside Division bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings listed on Exhibit A (attached) will be retained by Judge Peter H. Carroll. These cases will remain Riverside Division cases, but hearings must be scheduled in Courtroom 1539 in the Los Angeles Division. Papers filed in Judge Peter H. Carroll’s Riverside Division Cases must be filed either electronically or, for filers who lack a CM/ECF password, at the Riverside Division. All judge’s copies must be served to Judge Peter H. Carroll at his Los Angeles Division chambers, room 1534.

Effective August 23, 2010, Judge Deborah J. Saltzman will relocate to Riverside Division Courtroom 304. All matters previously set on Judge Saltzman’s calendar in Courtroom 302 will be heard by Judge Saltzman in Courtroom 304.

For additional information regarding reassigned cases, please call the appropriate contact:

Bankruptcy Judge
Judge Meredith A. Jury
(951) 774-1091
Judge Catherine E. Bauer
(951) 774-1085
Judge Deborah J. Saltzman
(951) 774-1075
Judge Peter H. Carroll
(213) 894-0995



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August 5, 2010
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