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Process for Proposing Revisions to the Court's LBRs, Forms, and Court Manual

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Public Notice

The Court’s Rules Committee and Case Management Committee request that the public and members of the Court use the following procedure to propose revisions to the Local Bankruptcy Rules (LBRs), or propose a new form or revision to a form or section of the Court Manual

All requests must be submitted using a new form entitled Request for New or Modified Local Bankruptcy Rule, Form or Court Manual Section (Request Form).  The Request Form was designed to provide the Court with the details necessary during the approval and implementation process.  The Request Form is available on the Court’s website on both the Rules & Procedures and Forms webpages, or by clicking on the following link to the Request Form.

Proposals submitted using the Request Form will be considered during the course of the Court's periodic reviews and revisions of its rules and forms and the Court Manual.




January 29, 2013