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Notice To Debtors And Attorneys Of Requirement To Cure Incomplete And/Or Deficient Electronic Filing Or Case Shall Be Dismissed

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Effective August 26, 2011, the following documents must be filed or submitted with a voluntary petition filed electronically through the Court’s Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) System, as required by FRBP 1007 and LBR 1002-1 and 1007-1:

  • Master Mailing List (List of Creditors) which must include the name, mailing address, and zip code of each creditor listed in Schedules D, E, and F [FRBP 1007; LBRs 1002-1 and 1007-1(a)(1) and (2)];
  • List of Creditors must be uploaded in CM/ECF text (.txt) format in accordance to Section 2-1(a)(1)(C) of the Court Manual;
  • Debtor’s actual street address must be provided in addition to any post office box address [LBR 1002-1(a)];
  • Statement of Social Security Number(s) (Official Form B21) (Individual debtors only) must be submitted in accordance to Section 3-6(b) of the Court Manual [FRBP 1007(f); LBR 1002-1]; and
  • List of 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors (Official Form 4) (Chapter 9 and 11 cases only) [FRBP 1007(d); LBR 1002-1].

If a voluntary petition is filed electronically through CM/ECF without all of the required documents or information as specified above, the Debtor will be issued a deficiency notice, and the Debtor(s) and Debtor’s Attorney will be given 72 hours to file or submit the missing documents or information. Failure to timely file or submit the missing documents or information will result in the dismissal of the case without further notice or hearing.


August 12, 2011
PN 11-013