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New Court Transcript Ordering Process Effective July 1, 2013

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On July 1, 2013, a new process for requesting the transcript of a Court hearing will become effective.  The Court has posted to its website information about the new process, including a new list of Court-approved transcribers, and a revised Transcript Order Form.  This information and form can be accessed by selecting Transcripts from the pull-down menu under the Information tab on the Court’s website
Under the new transcription process, those requesting the transcript of a hearing must select a transcriber from the new list of Court-approved transcribers and submit a Transcript Order Form to the Court.  Court staff will no longer provide transcription fee estimates or collect transcription fees on behalf of the transcribers.  Instead, the selected transcriber will contact the customer to provide a cost estimate and make arrangements to collect the deposit.  Payment will be made directly to the transcriber by credit card or other payment method.
The new transcription process will speed-up delivery of transcripts, provide customers with a choice of transcription agencies and payment methods, and reduce labor for Court staff. 
June 18, 2013