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General Order 13-05 Reference of Bankruptcy Cases and Appeals

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The District Court for the Central District of California approved a bankruptcy-related General Order 13-05 that became effective on July 1, 2013.  General Order 13-05 is titled Reference of Cases and Proceedings to the Bankruptcy Judges of the Central District of California, and Reference of Appeals to the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel.  

General Order 13-05 addresses, among other things: (1) the referral of bankruptcy cases and proceedings by the district court to the bankruptcy court; (2) the authority of bankruptcy judges to hear, determine, and enter final orders and judgments in “core” and “non-core” proceedings; and (3) the authority of bankruptcy judges to conduct jury trials.  General Order 13-05 supersedes prior District Court bankruptcy-related General Orders 266, 266A, 269, and 96-04.  

General Order 13-05 is posted on the Court’s website at the Rules & Procedures webpage under General Orders.


July 1, 2013