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Change of Practice for Certified Documents

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Public Notice

On September 20, 2010, the Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California will change its practice for indicating that a copy of a document filed at the Court has been certified to be an authentic and accurate copy.

Effective September 20, 2010, copies of filed documents certified by a Bankruptcy Court employee will have a watermarked certification sheet attached to the certified document. An embossed gold seal will be placed over the staple at the top left hand corner of the certification sheet and a Court seal will be embossed over the Bankruptcy Court employee’s signature. The current practice of using a red ribbon and grommet for indicating a copy has been certified by the Court will be discontinued at that time.

A sample of the certification sheet is attached to this Public Notice on the Court’s website ( Authenticity of documents filed at the Court can also be verified by accessing the online document entered in a case using PACER. PACER is available for a fee to registered users, or at no cost at all divisions of the Bankruptcy Court.



September 14, 2010
PN 10-016