Cases of Interest

Top 20 Cases of Interest Filed in the Last 24 Months*

American Spectrum Realty, Inc., a Maryland Corp. American Spectrum Realty, Inc.
SA-15-10721-SC, SA-15-11397-SC, Chapter 11, Filed 02/13/15 and 03/16/15, Assets Unknown.  Order Granting Motion To Continue Hearing On Debtor’s Motion (1) To Enforce The Automatic Stay; (2) For Order Requiring Accounting Of Funds Held In Segregated Account; And (3) For Production Of Documents Pursuant To F.R.B.P. 2004. Hearing is continued to 11/5/15 at 11 a.m. in CRTRM 5C.
Anna’s Linens, Inc.
SA-15-13008-TA Chapter 11, Filed 06/14/2015, Assets $50-100 million and Liabilities $100-500 million. Monthly operating report #4 for the month ending 10/4/15 filed 10/20/15.
AtheroNova Operations (FKA: Z & Z Medica Holdings, Inc), (Lead Case) 
Jointly Administered with AtheroNova, Inc. SA15-11053-ES SA-15-11051-ES, Chapter 11, Filed 03/25/2015. Status of chapter 11 case and requiring report on status hearing continued to 12/1/15 at 10:30 a.m., CRTRM 5A. 
AVT, Inc.
RS-15-14464-MW, Chapter 11, Filed 05/01/2015. Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million. Order granting motion to extend exclusivity period for filing a chapter 11 plan and disclosure statement - the debtor shall have the exclusive right to file a plan until 11/27/15. Status conference continued to 1/21/16 @ 9 a.m. Deadline of 3/31/16 set for filing a plan and disclosure statement. Deadline for confirming a plan is 6/30/16. 
Battle Creek Conservation Ventures, LLC
SV-15-11683-MT, Chapter 11, Filed 05/13/2015. Assets $10- 50 million and Liabilities $1 - $10 million.  Motion to Dismiss filed by Creditor Charles A Orwick III on 9/2/15. Order Granting Application to Employ Eric R Robbins As Special Consultant filed 10/5/15.
Carson Civic Center Property, LLC
SV-15-11573-MT, Chapter 11, Filed 05/04/2015. Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million.  Motion to Dismiss Debtor filed by Creditor Keana Investment Holdings, LLC 9/4/15.
Green Fleet Systems, LLC
LA-15-11542-BR, Chapter 11, Filed 02/02/2015, Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million.  Monthly operating report number 8 for the month ending 9/30/15 was filed on 10/15/15.
Holy Hill Community Church
LA-14-21070-WB, Chapter 11, Filed 06/05/2014, Assets $10- 50 million and Liabilities $1 - $50 million.   Motion of Chapter 11 trustee for order approving settlement agreement with Downtown Capital, LLC, Alpine Parking Services, LLC and 1111 Sunset, LLC set for hearing on 11/9/15 at 10 a.m.
Key Disposal
LA-15-23044-BR, Chapter 11, Filed 08/19/2015, Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million. Case was dismissed on 9/30/15 with 180 day restriction and was closed on 10/16/15.
Laurel Canyon MK2 LLC
SV-15-11763-MB, Chapter 11, Filed 05/19/2015. Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million.  Order setting bar date to 9/25/15.
Local Corporation, a Delaware Corp. DBA Corporation
SA-15-13153-SC, Chapter 11, Filed 06/23/2015, Assets $10- 50 million and Liabilities $1 - $50 million. Proof of claims deadline: 10/30/15.
Malibu Associates, LLC
ND-15-10477-DS, Chapter 11, Filed 03/10/2015. Assets $50-100 million and Liabilities $10-50 million. Order establishing bidding procedures for sale of debtor’s property free and clear of all liens, claims, encumbrances and other interested entered 9/28/15. Cont’d hearing re: motion for relief from the automatic stay real property scheduled for 10/22/15 at 10 a.m. Cont’d hearing re: motion to convert case from ch. 11 to ch. 7 scheduled for 10/22/15 at 10 a.m.
MediaShift, Inc. jointly administered with Ad-Vantage Networks, Inc.
LA-15-25024-SK, LA-15-25030-SK, Chapter 11, Filed 09/30/2015, Assets $10-50 million and Liabilities $10-50 million. Order entered on 10/16/15 extending the time to file schedules of assets and liabilities, statement of financial affairs, and related documents.
Morgan Drexen
SA-15-12278-CB, Chapter 11, Filed 04/30/2015. Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million.  Motion filed by Trustee Golden;    (1) authority to establish a bar date for potential ch. 11 administrative creditors; and (2) approval of the form of the notice of claims deadline.
Net Data Centers, Inc.
LA-15-12690-BB, Chapter 11, Filed 02/23/2015. Assets $10-50 million and Liabilities $10-50 million.  Order entered on 10/19/15 granting motion for 61-day extension of exclusivity periods.   
Plaza Healthcare Center LLC
SA-14-11335-CB, Chapter 11, Filed 03/04/14, Assets $1+ million and Liabilities $1+ million.  Hearing continued on scheduling and case management conference - status hearing to be held on 12/16/15 at 10 a.m. CRTRM 5D.
S.B. Restaurant Co. dba’s: Elephant Bar Restaurant, Elephant Bar Global Grill Wok Kitchen, Texas S.B. Restaurant Co. of CA, S.B. Restaurant of Missouri Co. S.B. Restaurant Co. of Kansas, LLC S.B. Restaurant Co. of Central Florida, LLC
SA-14-13778-ES, SA-14-13780-ES, SA-14-13781-ES, Chapter 11, Filed 6/16/14, Assets $50-$100 million and Liabilities $50-$100 million. Status conference continued to 12/17/15 at 10:30 a.m. CRTRM 5A. UPDATED: Status report to be filed by 12/3/15, unless an order dismissing the case has been entered by such date.
State Fish co., Inc.
LA-15-11084-SK, Chapter 11, Filed 01/26/2015.  Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million.  Motion for order authorizing assumption and assignment of unexpiired lease of personal property set for hearing on 11/12/15 at 9 a.m.
The Beaumont Group LLC, a California limited liability company. DBA: First Street Storage
SA-15-13344-SC, Chapter 11, Filed 07/01/2015.  Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $10-50 million. Status conference and case management conference hearing continued to 12/10/15 at 11 a.m., CRTRM 5C.
Wrightwood Guest Ranch, LLC
RS-15-17799-SC Chapter 11, Filed 08/05/15, Assets $10-50 million and Liabilities $1-10 million. Involuntary case with order for relief entered 9/1/15. Notice of appointment of creditors committee filed 9/30/15. Status conference continued to 11/3/15 @ 1:30 p.m. Notice of claims bar date 12/4/15. Deadline to object to all claims is 1/22/16. Plan and disclosure statement to be filed by 10/30/15. Disclosure statement hearing 12/8/15 @ 1:30 p.m.

*Based on a combination of asset and liability levels, number of creditors, high activity, and/or name recognition.