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Logging in to CM/ECF & PACER

A separate Login and Password are needed to access the CM/ECF Training database (inquire with the ECF Help Desk)
To login to live CM/ECF, a registered electronic filing participant will need:
  1. CM/ECF login (issued by the Court) to file documents; and
  2. PACER login (issued by PACER) to retrieve the court's records via Query and Reports hyperlinks.
  • At the login screen, users can log into CM/ECF to file documents or into PACER to query case information.
  • The CM/ECf Login and Password fields are case sensitive (e.g.a login of "cbaker" should not be entered as "Cbaker" or "CBAKER").
  • The Client code field is optional and can be used with the PACER login to associate query activity to a specific customer.  Verify that you have entered the CM/ECF login and password correctly.  
  • To delet incorrect information you entered, click Clear to delete so that you may re-enter information. 
  • CM/ECF users must check the "I understand that, if I file, I must comply with the redaction rules. I have read this notice" box to affirm that you have read and understand the Important Notice of Redaction Responsibility stated on the login screen. 
  • After you have entered the correct login and password, click Login to transmit your user information to CM/ECF.
  • The entry of a valid login and password combination will prompt the system to display the CM/ECF Main Menu.