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06/20/2014 In re: Avis Richelle Copelin - Memorandum Decision on Motion to Remand Removed Unlawful Detainer Case to Superior Court of California Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §§ 1447(c) AND 1452(b) Honorable Robert Kwan
06/23/2014 In re: Alen L. Ly - Memorandum Decision Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
06/26/2014 In re: Robert F. Aldava - Memorandum Decision Granting Motion to Avoid Junior Lien Honorable Neil W. Bason
07/11/2014 In re: Leonor C Zimerman - Court Written Tentative Ruling Regarding Motion for Relief from the Automatic Stay by WeberWay LJM LLC Honorable Geraldine Mund
07/14/2014 In re: Avram Moshe Perry - Memorandum of Opinion Exercising Court's Discretion to Abstain from Hearing The 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,6th,8th,9th and 10th causes of action in this proceeding Honorable Geraldine Mund
07/23/2014 In re: Mark W. Lebens - Memorandum Decision on Third and Final Application For Payment of Fees and Expenses pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 330 Honorable Robert Kwan
07/24/2014 In re: Edward E. Elliott - Order Denying "Motion To Reopen Case" Honorable Victoria S. Kaufman
07/28/2014 In re: William Joseph Urs and Barbara Margaret Urso - Memorandum Decision on Adversary Complaint Objecting to Discharge Honorable Robert Kwan
08/06/2014 In re: Aloojian Enterprises, LLC - Memorandum decision conditionally approving the employment application of Glassratner Advisory & Capital Group, LLC Honorable Neil W. Bason
08/06/2014 In re: Vida Shakib - Supplemental Memorandum Decision After Trial Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
08/08/2014 In re: Mark Alan Shoemaker - Memorandum Decision on Caliber Home Loans Inc.'s Motion For Relief From Stay Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
08/14/2014 In re: Yusuf Bey, Jr. - Memorandum of Decision re Defendant's Motion to Dismiss Adversary Complaint Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
08/20/2014 In re: Saeed Cohen - Order Granting Motion For Preliminary Injunction & MEMORANDUM DECISION Honorable Neil W. Bason
08/22/2014 In re: EXO-Grey Corporation - Memorandum decision Denying Debtor's Motion to Approve Disclosure Statement Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
08/22/2014 In re: James Olen and Ngozi Evelyn Bolen - Memorandum Decision Granting United States Trustee's Motion to Dismiss Debtors' Bankruptcy Case Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. SECTION 707(b)(3) Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
08/28/2014 In re: Ne Opco, Inc. - Order Denying Motion To Transfer Venue to the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1412 Honorable Robert Kwan
08/28/2014 In re: Ne Opco, Inc., - Order Granting Motion to Remand Case to Superior Court of California pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1452(b) Honorable Robert Kwan
09/03/2014 In re: Cheri Fu and Thomas Fu - Order Denying Motion for Continuance of Hearing Honorable Theodor C. Albert
09/04/2014 In re: William Ginzburg - Memorandum of Decision RE: Motion for Reconsideration Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
09/08/2014 In re: Morreale Hotel LLC - Order on Memorandum Decision on Motions of Oaktree Capital Management LP and Oaktree Group Holdings GP, LLC for Attorneys' Fees and Expenses Honorable Robert Kwan
09/08/2014 In re: Art and Architecture Books of the 21st Century - Order on Landlord's Request for Costs Relating to "As-Built" Survey Honorable Robert Kwan
09/08/2014 In re: Morreale Hotel LLC - Memorandum Decision on Motions of Oaktree Capital Management LP and Oaktree Group Holdings GP, LLC for Attorneys' Fees and Expenses Honorable Robert Kwan
09/11/2014 In re: Superior National Insurance Gr - Memorandum of Opinion Denying Defendants' Motion to Compel Production of Documents Honorable Geraldine Mund
09/18/2014 In re: Art and Architecture Books of the 21st Century - Memorandum decision on debtor's request for relief from forfeiture and on debtor's motion to assume the master lease on premises at 5500 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California Honorable Robert Kwan
09/24/2014 In re: Michael Eugene Pegler, Jr. and Wendy Kathleen Pegler - Memorandum Decision Regarding Plaintiff, Pacific Western Bank's Motion For Summary Adjudication of Claims and Defendants' Motion For Summary Judgement Honorable Peter H. Carroll
09/25/2014 In re: Chi H. Chang - Order RE: Notice of Motion and Motion in Individual Chapter 11 Case for Order Authorizing Interim Use of Cash Collateral [11 U.S.C. § 363] Honorable Alan M. Ahart