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06/29/2005 In re: American Computer and Digital Components, Inc. - Memorandum of Decision Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
06/27/2005 In re: Melissa A. Caceres - Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law on Motion to Avoid Lien Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
06/24/2005 In re: Kulani Jackson - Memorandum of Decision Re Plaintiff's Motion To Extend Time to File Appeal Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
06/24/2005 In re: Kristine Ortenzo Hayes and John Hayes - Memorandum Decision Honorable Peter H. Carroll
06/22/2005 In re: Helen Jeanne Borland - Memorandum on Final Applications for Compensation and Objections to Applications of Chapter 7 Trustee and Trustee's Counsel, Pachulski, Stang, Ziehl, Young, Jones & Weintraub, P.C. Honorable Kathleen Thompson
06/21/2005 In re: Dwight M. Bolden - Memorandum of Decision re Trustee's Motion for Avoidance and Turnover of Tax Penalty Liens and Debtor's Motion for Abandonment Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
05/06/2005 In re: Daniel Paul Derebery, Jr.- Memorandum of Decision re: Plaintiff's Motion For Summary Judgment Honorable Meredith A. Jury
05/06/2005 In re: Richard Isaac Fine - Amended Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Motion of A-1 Business Products, Inc. For Stay Pending Appeal Honorable Sheri Bluebond
05/02/2005 In re: Roberto Gilabert - Memorandum on Motion for Summary Judgment; Motion to Strike; and Continuance of Status Conference; and Order Thereon Honorable Kathleen Thompson
04/12/2005 In re: Roxanne Gordon Memorandum and Order Re Creditor's Request for Attorney's Fees and Costs Honorable Kathleen Thompson
03/24/2005 In re: Cynthia Lynn Herrera and Manny Rey Herrera III, Memorandum of Opinion Regarding Trustee's Final Report and Application for Approval of Professional Fees and Expenses Honorable Geraldine Mund
05/06/2004 In re: Richard Bradley Miller - Opinion After Trial Honorable Samuel L. Bufford
04/16/2004 In re: Flashcom, Inc., Memorandum Opinion Honorable John E. Ryan
03/26/2004 In re: Lizabetha Kerlo - Memorandum Opinion Honorable John E. Ryan
02/23/2004 In re: Roderick S. Spencer and Judith Spencer - Memorandum Decision, Opinion and Order Honorable Mitchel R. Goldberg
12/16/2003 In re: Linda Gonzalez Memorandum Opinion Honorable John E. Ryan
12/11/2003 In re: Oak Park Calabasas Condominium Association, Memorandum of Opinion Denying Motion for Reconsideration of Order Denying Confirmation Honorable Geraldine Mund
12/10/2003 In re: Elisa Cumberbatch Memorandum Opinion and Order Honorable John E. Ryan
10/23/2003 In re: Oak Park Calabasas Condominium Association, Memorandum of Opinion on Confirmation of Debtor's Plan Honorable Geraldine Mund
10/10/2003 In re: J. Howard Marshall et ux. Notice of Filing Second Amended Opinion Honorable Samuel L. Bufford
09/25/2003 In re Grayson Lee Hoberg - Judgment Honorable Arthur M. Greenwald
09/25/2003 In re: Grayson Lee Hoberg - Memorandum Decision Honorable Arthur M. Greenwald
09/03/2003 In re: J. Howard Marshall et ux. Opinion on Plan Confirmation and Motion to Dismiss (Non-Constitutional Issues) Honorable Samuel L. Bufford
09/03/2003 In re: J. Howard Marshall et ux. - Amended Opinion on Plan Confirmation and Motion to Dismiss (Constitutional Issues) Honorable Samuel L. Bufford
08/28/2003 In re: Thelma V. Spirtos Memorandum of Decision and Order Regarding Debtor's Motion to Disqualify Hon. Alan Ahart Honorable Erithe A. Smith
07/29/2003 Memorandum of Decision Re: Warren L. Breslow's Motion to Dismiss Involuntary Petition as Bad Faith Filing Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
03/27/2003 In re: J. Howard Marshall - Amended Opinion on Recusal and Reassignment Honorable Samuel L. Bufford
03/11/2003 In re: Calvin Robert Wright and Annette Sanders-Wright - Memorandum of Opinion on Debtors' Attorneys' Application for Supplemental Fees Honorable Geraldine Mund
01/29/2003 In re: Colt Engineering, Inc. - Amended Memorandum of Decision Honorable Meredith A. Jury
12/10/2002 In re: Leontina Himber Memorandum of Decision on Trial of Complaint for Determination of Dischargeability of Debt Honorable Kathleen Thompson
11/22/2002 In re: Wheatfield Business Park LLC, - First Amended Opinion on Notice re Conflicts of Interest in Employment of Counsel Honorable Samuel L. Bufford
11/19/2002 In re: J. Mercedes Gorina Memorandum and Order on Objection to Claim of Billie Milam Weisman Honorable Kathleen Thompson
10/22/2002 In re: Alfred Navarro - Memorandum of Decision re: Dischargeability of Student Tuition Account Honorable Meredith A. Jury
09/12/2002 In re: John Lobherr - Memorandum of Decision re: Debtor's Motion for Declaratory Relief Honorable Meredith A. Jury
09/06/2002 In re: Collin Anthony Liu - Opinion on Requests for Admission on Defaulting Party Honorable Samuel L. Bufford
08/05/2002 In re: Edwards Theatres Cir, Inc., a CA corp; Edwards Megaplex Hld, LLC, a DE LLC; Edwards Theatres Mgmt, LLC, a DE LLC; Edwards Ent 2000, Inc., a CA corp; Metro Edwards Corp., a CA corp; Norwalk Theatre Corp., a CA corp; Fed Amusement Corp; and aff Honorable John E. Ryan
06/07/2002 In re: Chai Cho Oh - Memorandum of Decision After Trial of Adversary Proceeding Honorable Sheri Bluebond
05/31/2002 In re: Artimm, S.r.I. - Amended Opinion on Procedural Issues Honorable Samuel L. Bufford
04/29/2002 In re: John D. Williams - Memorandum of Opinion Re Contested Election of Trustee Honorable Geraldine Mund
04/12/2002 In re: Ikechukwo Enewally & Uzoamaka Enewally vs. Washington Mutual Bank, et al. - Opinion On Bifurcation Of Creditor's Undersecured Claim Honorable Samuel L. Bufford
02/26/2002 In re: Vickie Lynn Marshall First Amended Opinion on Application of Bankruptcy Discharge Honorable Samuel L. Bufford
01/09/2002 In re: Tiphany Butler Honorable Barry Russell
10/09/2001 In re: Cecil F. Motley & Ethelyn Motley, vs. Equity Title Co., et al., - Amended Opinion on Summary Judgement Motions Honorable Samuel L. Bufford
08/24/2001 In re: Michael J. B. Henry and Vickie Henry - Opinion Honorable Samuel L. Bufford
08/06/2001 In re: Hoover WSCR Associtaes Limited, - Memorandum of Decision Honorable James N. Barr
07/13/2001 Memorandum of Decision Re (1) Motion of Defendants and Cross-Complainants Alice Smolker and Gary Smolker to Abstain and Remand to State Court and (2) Motion of W. R. Grace & Company and Grace Davison to Transfer Venue of Adversary Proceeding Honorable Sheri Bluebond
04/25/2001 In re: Master Home Furniture Company Ltd. - Memorandum of Decision re American Express Bank Ltd's Motion to Dismiss Section 304 Petition Pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 12(b) Honorable Meredith A. Jury
04/03/2001 In re: Canvas Specialty, Inc.-Opinion on Qualification of Expert Witness Honorable Samuel L. Bufford
03/06/2001 In re: Mohammad and Kausar Akram Honorable Kathleen P. March
01/25/2001 In re: Eyecare of So. California, A Medical Group, Inc. - Opinion on Removal Jurisdiction Honorable Samuel L. Bufford