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11/19/2013 In re: Sara Raziyan - Memorandum Decision [FOR PUBLICATION] Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
11/27/2013 In re: Margie Leigh Bell - Memorandum Decision Denying Motion To Avoid Junior Lien Held By Trabuco Investments, Inc. Honorable Neil W. Bason
11/27/2013 In re: Cesareo Gutierrey - Tentative Ruling That Petition Date Is The Appropriate Date To Determine If Junior Liens are Subject To Modification Honorable Neil W. Bason
12/11/2013 In re: Elizabeth Blanche Nelson - Memorandum and Order Imposing Sanctions Pursuant To FRBP 9011 Honorable Scott C. Clarkson
12/12/2013 In re: William R. Gerard - Memorandum of Decision Re Summary Judgment in Favor of Defendant Honorable Ernest M. Robles
12/16/2013 In re: Kuo Hua Ma and Kue Chiu Tsu Ma - Order Denying Motion For Default Judgment Honorable Robert Kwan
12/19/2013 In re: Modtech Holdings, Inc., - Memorandum Decision After Trial [FOR PUBLICATION] Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
12/20/2013 In re: Jeffrey Scott Trawick and Stephanie F. Berry - Statement of Decision on Trustee's Motion Objecting to Debtors' Amended Claim of Exemption in the Inherited IRA under 11 U.S.C. 522(b)(3)(C) Honorable Robert Kwan
12/26/2013 In re: Elbiali Isamail Osman - Order Granting Motion for Approval of Stipulation for Use of Cash Collateral Honorable Richard M. Neiter
01/13/2014 In re: Christopher Eberts - Memorandum of Decision Upon Remand Honorable Ernest M. Robles
01/14/2014 In re: Arnold Klein - Order Sustaining the Objection to the Administrative Claim of David Charles Rish, M.D., a Medical Corporation Honorable Richard M. Neiter
01/27/2014 In re: Nicholas Stephen Kahrilas and Laura Rae Kahrilas - Memorandum Of Decision Re Defendants’ Motion For Summary Judgment Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
01/29/2014 In re: John Shart and Elke Gordon-Schardt - Memorandum of Decision determining that imputation of fraud committed by debtor/husband to debtor/spouse is unwarranted under Section 523(a)(2)(A) [FOR PUBLICATION] Honorable Barry Russell
02/03/2014 In re: David A. Wilson - Statement of Decision on Plaintiffs' Motion for Order Awarding Pre-Judgment Interest Honorable Robert Kwan
02/03/2014 In re: Catherin S. Noonan - Memorandum Decision and Order Granting In Part and Denying In Part Defendant’s Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings, or In the Alternative, Motion for Summary Judgment Honorable Robert Kwan
02/05/2014 In re: Mi Jung Hong - Memorandum decision on debtor's second amended motion to dismiss bankruptcy case and revoke discharge Honorable Robert Kwan
02/06/2014 In re: Edward S Ahn & Helen Ahn - Memorandum of Decision re Motion to Disallow Claim No. 9 of Hanil Development Inc. Honorable Julia W. Brand
02/24/2014 In re: Robert Gerard Spehar and Susan Miller Spehar - Memorandum of decision on First and Final Application for Allowance and Payment of Fees and Expenses to Debtors' Bankruptcy Counsel Honorable Robert Kwan
02/27/2014 In re: Sayeda H Athar - Amended Memorandum Of Decision Re: Trial To Determine Dischargeability Of Tax Debt Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
02/28/2014 In re: Art and Architecture Books of the 21st Century - Order on Debtor's Motion for an Order Granting Stay of Further Hearings on Remand Pending Debtor's Appeal to the Ninth Circuit Honorable Robert Kwan
03/03/2014 In re: Tsvetana Yvanova - Memorandum Of Decision Re: Defendant’s Motion To Dismiss Adversary Proceeding Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
03/04/2014 In re: Maggie Teh Chi Ma - Memorandum decision on defendants' motion for summary judgment and order Honorable Robert Kwan
03/04/2014 In re: Jayampath P. Dharmasuriya - Order Granting Motion to Approve Compromise under Rule 9019 Honorable Peter H. Carroll
03/04/2014 In re: Jayampath P. Dharmasuriya - Memorandum Decision Honorable Peter H. Carroll
03/10/2014 In re: New Meatco Provisions, LLC., - Memorandum Decision Honorable Peter H. Carroll
03/10/2014 In re: Byung Moon Kim and Sylvia Young Kim - Memorandum Decision Denying Debtors' Motion to Reopen Case Honorable Robert Kwan
03/10/2014 In re: Charles Bell - Memorandum Decision After Trial Honorable Robert Kwan
03/12/2014 In re: Manuel Antonio Alfaro and Maria Ines Alfaro - Order Dismissing Adversary Proceeding for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Failure to State a Claim Upon Which Relief Can Be Granted and Denying Motion for Default Judgment as Moot Honorable Robert Kwan
03/13/2014 In re: Nicholas Stephen Kahrilas and Laura Rae Kahrilas - Memorandum Of Decision Re Defendants’ Motion For Partial Summary Judgment Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
03/17/2014 In re: Kathleen Kellogg-Taxe - Memorandum of Decision Regarding Chapter 7 Trustee's "Motion for Order Authorizing Sale of Real Property of the Estate [10535 Vestone Way, Los Angeles, California 90077] Free and Clear of Liens and Interests, Subject to High Honorable Richard M. Neiter
03/18/2014 In re: Victoria Randall - Memorandum of decision on fee application of debtor's counsel Honorable Neil W. Bason
03/19/2014 In re: Jack Tsai - Memorandum Decision Honorable Peter H. Carroll
03/25/2014 In re: Matthew Banks Ashworth - Memorandum Decision on Motions of Creditor Kathryn Ehrgott; (1) For the finding of bad faith due to Debtor's non-disclosure of income and abuse of bankruptcy process; (2) For dismissal with prejudice, disgorgement, re-filin Honorable Robert Kwan
03/25/2014 In re: Nicholas Davis - Memorandum Of Decision Re: Motion For Summary Judgment Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
03/28/2014 In re: Kathleen Kellogg-Taxe - Memorandum of Decision Regarding Chapter 7 Trustee's "Motion for Preliminary Injunction and Appointment of Receiver" Honorable Richard M. Neiter
03/28/2014 In re: Maria Victoria Reade - Memorandum Decision Honorable Peter H. Carroll
03/28/2014 In re: Vineyard National Bancorp - Memorandum of Decision After Trial on (i) Count IV of the Complaint; and (ii) Count of the Amended Counterclaim Honorable Richard M. Neiter
03/31/2014 In re: Ritchie R. Roberts - Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law After Trial Honorable Robert Kwan
03/31/2014 In re: GSM Wireless, Inc. - Supplemental Memorandum Decision on Trustee's Claim for Common Counts Honorable Robert Kwan
04/02/2014 In re: Roxanna Ramey and Mark Jenkins - Memorandum of Decision After Trial Honorable Ernest M. Robles
04/03/2014 In re: Centerstone Diamonds, Inc. - Amended Memorandum Decision Honorable Peter H. Carroll
04/04/2014 In re: Garry Michael Kann - Order Denying Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff’s Second Amended Complaint and Setting Further Proceedings Honorable Robert Kwan
04/09/2014 In re: Sonjia May Gonzales - Memorandum of Decision RE Motion for Clarification of Chapter 13 Confirmation Order [FOR PUBLICATION] Honorable Meredith A. Jury
04/15/2014 In re: Raphael Mense and Cottonsmith, LLC - Memorandum Decision [FOR PUBLICATION] Honorable Peter H. Carroll
04/22/2014 In re: Summit Holdings of Illinois, LLC - Memorandum Decision RE: Neman Motion To Dismiss Chapter 11 Case Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
04/24/2014 In re: Minon Miller - Order Denying Motion for Leave to Amend Motion to Dismiss with Nondischargeability Complaint and for "Relation Back", or, in the Alternative, to Amend Basis of Motion to Dismiss Honorable Robert Kwan
05/01/2014 In re: Sie Khalil - Memorandum Of Decision Re: Motion For Summary Judgment Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
05/05/2014 In re: Orange Coast Real Estate Investments, Inc., - Order Granting in part Defendant's Motion (1) for a More Definite Statement; (2) To Strike; and (3) To Dismiss; Vacating Hearing and Continuing Status Conference Honorable Robert Kwan
05/07/2014 In re: Leodis Clyde Matthews - Order Denying Defendant's Motion to Dismiss Complaint Honorable Robert Kwan
05/09/2014 In re: Andre Haghverdian - Judgment Honorable Peter H. Carroll