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Instructions for Accessing the Wireless Network


The Attorney Admissions Fund is funding a wireless network access as a professional courtesy. The network is not secured and the user is responsible for taking appropriate precautions for securing any mobile device when using the wireless network. The Court highly recommends the use of an anti-virus and firewall software.

Use of computers in the courtroom is permitted only to the extent that is does not interfere with judicial proceedings or the ability of the public to observe the proceedings. A presiding judge may order the discontinuance of the use of such computers at any time. Prior to entering any courtroom, laptop computers must have the sound disabled or muted.

Access point locations:

Los Angeles: 13th floor, 14th floor, 15th floor, and 16th floor
Riverside: 3rd floor
Santa Ana: 5th floor
San Fernando Valley: 3rd floor
Northern Division: 2nd floor

WEP key and access instructions:

1. Wireless access points are compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g wireless network cards.

2. From the wireless network software on the laptop computer, use the applicable option to search for wireless networks. The access point name (SSID) is ATNY and is the same in all divisions.

3. When your wireless network software “sees” the ATNY access point, select it to connect to the wireless network.

4. The wireless network is protected by a WEP key. This key was provided to all registered ECF users in an email. If you do not have the current key, please contact the CM/ECF Help Desk at (213) 894-2365 for this information.

5. Your laptop’s wireless software should indicate that it has successfully connected to the wireless network.

6. The first time you connect to the wireless network, you may be able to designate it as a “preferred” network connection. In the future, when you are in an acceptable range, your laptop should automatically connect to the wireless network.

7. Launch your browser to assess the wireless network.

8. The Court will change the WEP key periodically. ECF users will be notified of the key change via email.

Support: The Court cannot provide technical support for the wireless network which is related to hardware, software or the operating system. Questions may be directed to the CM/ECF Help Desk at (213) 894-2365.