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Proposed Chapter 13 Changes Deadline for Comments May 18, 2017

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A revised form of chapter 13 plan, revised Local Bankruptcy Rule (LBR) 3015-1, and revised notices of § 341(a) meeting and confirmation hearing (§ 341(a) notices) have been tentatively approved by the Bankruptcy Judges for the Central District of California. These documents were prepared in coordination with a committee of local representatives from the debtor bar, the creditor bar and the chapter 13 trustees.
These revisions are prompted by changes to the national rules, which are expected to become effective as of December 1, 2017. There are two forms of § 341(a) notices because the new national rules provide two different procedures regarding the treatment of secured claims: valuation and lien avoidance can be done via motion practice (as is currently done) or alternatively in some circumstances they can be done in the plan itself (and this requires special procedures for which a special § 341(a) notice has been drafted).
The revised forms and revised LBR 3015-1, and related amendments to the national rules, can be viewed on Court’s web site under For Attorneys or by clicking here.
The public is invited to provide comments on the revised forms and LBR 3015-1 by sending an email to The deadline for comments is May 18, 2017.


April 18, 2017