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Amended Fees and Procedures for Registry Funds Amended General Order 13-01

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Changes to procedures and fees for registry funds invested with the Court become effective immediately.
  • The Court amended General Order 13-01 (AGO 13-01), Amended Procedures for Registry Funds, to accommodate a few changes in the administration of registry funds.  AGO 13-01 becomes effective immediately.  However, as specified in AGO 13-01 paragraph IV (E), the disputed ownership funds provision will not become effective until the national Court Registry Investment System (CRIS) can be modified to accept disputed ownership funds deposits.
  • The Court will introduce a new mandatory LBR form that becomes effective December 5, 2016: Order on Motion: (A) to Deposit Funds into the Court’s Registry, or (B) to Disburse Funds Out of the Court’s Registry, LBR form number F 7067-1.1.ORDER.REGISTRY.FUND.
  • The Judicial Conference approved changes in the fee structure for registry funds that become effective December 1, 2016.  For more information regarding the fee structure refer to Amended General Order 13-01 paragraph III.
The new procedures enable the Court to administer the tax administration requirements established by the Internal Revenue Service for registry funds through the national CRIS.  
Should you have any questions, please contact James Sandino, Financial Services Manager, at 213-894-0999.
November 30, 2016