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Court Introduces New Free Email Subscription Service for the Public

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Public Notice
The Court is pleased to offer a new free email subscription service to the public through GovDelivery.  This national service allows subscribers to receive email notifications from the Court on a variety of topics such as news and announcements, job postings, Public Notices, CM/ECF updates, and systems status. GovDelivery subscribers are able to select topics of interest and modify or unsubscribe at any time.  The use of the GovDelivery service boosts digital engagement, allowing the Court to reach a larger audience and inform the public about its services and programs.
The Court’s registered CM/ECF users have been automatically enrolled and will now receive CM/ECF system updates, systems status, and Public Notices via GovDelivery.  Should a registered user wish to receive additional content such as news and announcements or job postings, the user may add this content at any time.  Emails previously sent to users from the Court’s ECF Support mailbox have been discontinued and will now be transmitted by GovDelivery.  Please note, however, that Notices of Electronic Filing (NEF) will continue to be transmitted directly from CM/ECF. 
To Start, Modify, or Cancel your Email Subscription:
Anyone with an email address can subscribe to the Court’s GovDelivery service.  To enroll, modify topic delivery preferences, or cancel an email subscription, please access the Email Notifications box on the home page of the Court’s website at  Questions about the new service can be directed to the Court’s Call Center at 855-460-9641. 
May 23, 2017
PN 17-006