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Information for Those Affected by the Recent California Wildfires

The Court is aware of the regional risk that we face in our district which may have an impact on your ability to access bankruptcy related resources, facilities, and personnel. Please call the Court's General Information line at (855) 460-9641 for specific guidance.

Before contacting the Court's General Information line please have your case number ready if you have received one, as well as specific information articulating the nature of your hardship as a result of the current emergency.

The Court acknowledges that the effects of this emergency may have impacted you personally beyond court related concerns. Below, please find a list of useful external resources that may be of assistance to you while navigating this difficult time. 

Local Disaster Assistance and Related Legal Services:

General Emergency Preparedness Information and Resources for Individuals and Families:

County/City Specific Information: 

Emergency Preparedness Information for Pets: