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New CM/ECF Process For Issuing A Summons Or Alias Summons In An Adversary Proceeding

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On September 23, 2013, the Court will implement an automated process for issuing a completed Summons (or Alias Summons) and Notice of Status Conference (Summons) in an adversary proceeding.  
Under this new automated process, plaintiffs will no longer need to lodge a proposed form of Summons in order to have a Summons or an Alias Summons issued in an adversary proceeding as currently required by Local Bankruptcy Rule 7004-1(a).  The Court will prepare the required Summons or Alias Summons.  Plaintiffs who are registered CM/ECF users will receive an issued Summons or Alias Summons electronically (by Notice of Electronic Filing -- NEF).  Plaintiffs who are not registered CM/ECF users will receive a printed copy of the issued Summons or Alias Summons by U.S. mail.  Local Bankruptcy Rule 7004-1(a) will be revised in the future to accommodate these changes.
All plaintiffs will continue to be responsible for serving the completed Summons on all defendants, as required by Local Bankruptcy Rule 7004-1(b) and FRBP 7004.  
A new Court Manual section 2.5(d), titled Commencing an Adversary Proceeding, has been added regarding this new process.  Should you have any questions about the new automated process, please contact the Court’s CM/ECF Help Desk at (213) 894-2365.


September 17, 2013